The unique & official Tour De France Encyclopedia

The Tour de France Encyclopedia traces back and tells the 100 year history of the Tour: all participants, the rankings, time differences in phases and the complementary races.

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With the preciousness and unique understanding of real archaeologists, authors are Robert Jansen, Guido Cammaert and Joel Godaert succeeded in tracing almost everything in the yellowed pages dating back until 1903. The result of this work is called “Encyclopedia” with dignity and the “Société du Tour de France” which applauds the initiative is infinitely grateful that, in a clear and intelligent manner, invaluable knowledge of the past has been gathered for the next generations.



60 unique images in color. Important awards, gorgeous scenery, exciting moments all mapped by the best photographers.


  • Epic moments
  • Important awards
  • Gorgeous sceneries


All participants, results and standings of all Tours. Each year is additionally discussed with important events and anecdotes.


  • All participants
  • All rankings
  • Important events & anecdotes



Unique Illustrations

Authentic artwork created by the Ghent artist Leo “Buth” De Budt . He was the spiritual father of Thomas Pips. ‘Buth’ was a real artist. With his drawings, he yielded a fun and unique view on the Tour.

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The collection consists of seven printed editions covering 100 years Tour de France ( 1903-2003 ). An eighth edition on CD – ROM contains all seven editions of 100 years Tour de France with an added period from 2003 to 2013.



1903 – 1929

It took quite some effort, but on july 1st 1903 it finally happenend. 60 riders are summoned on the road in Montgeron for the first Tour de France. Six races, with an average distance of 400 kilometers and each time one, two to four days of rest …

1930 – 1953

1930: The great revolution: creation of the national teams and also immediately introduction of team classification. The organization takes all of the costs and to finance it a publicity caravan is created. Five national formations of eight riders, and yet …

1954 – 1965

Van Looy stranded in the hospital in 1962. Unfortunately, Rik, the great animator of the first half, failed to cross the majestic mountain passes. Van Looy suffered a heavy fall that was caused by a little too reckless motorcyclist. He remained lying on the side with a serious kidney injury. For him, the adventure ended in the hospital in Pau.

1966 – 1975

The Tour of 1972 was marked by revenge, after the unfinished game between Merckx and Ocana from the previous year. The Spaniard, with the yellow jersey on the shoulders, suffered a heavy crash. Chivalrous as he was (and is) Merckx in Paris symbolically gave his green jersey to the unfortunate rival Cyrille Guimard had been.

1976 – 1985

The Tour has become the game of choice that could only (and can) be won by the best, the strongest, the most complete and the brightest at the same time. Bernard Hinault

1986 -1993

If the sport really penetrates into the heart of the domain of the fiercest competition, she is suffering from what has become the pain of our time. Technical progress, improvement of the athletic potential of all participants. It creates a discomfort caused by defense and the union of the forces in opposition to any aggressive intent.
Jacques Goddet resigned from all his duties in 1989 .

1994 -2002

Jacques Goddet or the loneliness of the man at the top, died in 2001 at the age of 96.

1903 – 2013

2003: 22 teams of nine riders for the centenary of the Tour. 20 trips for a total distance of 3427.5 km. Arduous fifth victory in a row by Lance Armstrong. Tyle Hamilton broke his collarbone after the first ride, but would still prove a tough opponent. Joseba Beloki showed …

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A structure as the Tour must maintain a strong memory, and this seems to be the standard of choice

Gino Bartali

“The ‘Tour Encyclopedia’ is more than a book , it’s a document. And that deserves a place of honor on the bookshelves of all those who love cycling.”

Bernard Hinault

“As real archaeologists, the authors – whose cycling knowledge is rare and therefore valuable – recovered all or nearly all information in the yellowed papers, including those dating from 1903.”

Jean-Marie LeBlanc

Tour encyclopedia loved by all cycling legends

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